Welcome to Eponym!

Let’s get right to it: at Eponym’s core is the belief that there’s room for writing and voices with thorns, for a middle-ground between Facebook feeds and the kinds of websites that a very specific type of friend—you know the one—somehow publishes a piece with. There’s room for layers, for onions and ogres, for Shrek references a page or less away from things that seem unrelated to Shrek. Everything’s related to Shrek.

This launch is a reflection on the subject of labor, with pieces about The Office, black hair politics, mediocre first jobs, stove-heated baths, and Parks and Recreation. The writers who have generously contributed their time and work are curious, thoughtful, and disillusioned (to varying degrees). Eponym takes after them.

I won’t promise regularly-timed issues, because the when, what, and who of the next one remain unknown. But that mystery is fitting, given the theme of labor and the difficulty of juggling work and the rest of the world.

So I’ll write, as I find the time, and I invite you to reach out and write as well.

Niv M. Sultan

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